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Debt Collection Defense

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was put into place in order to prevent debtors from being harassed and threatened. Debt collectors are notorious for being abusive and using unfair practices. They use deceptive tactics – like imitating law enforcement, or threatening you – in order to collect money. Debt collectors can’t call debtors at work, multiple times during the day, or at odd hours of the night. Additionally, debt collectors cannot make automated phone calls or use auto-dialers. Using an auto-dialer, or any type of equipment that dials phone numbers without human intervention, violates the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Much like the FDCPA, the TCPA was established to protect the consumer.

Pre-recorded greetings and continuous amounts of “dead air” before a live person comes on the phone are 2 common indicators that you are being autodialed. If people violating the TCPA have harassed you, you may be entitled to damages of up to $1500, per call. A robocall is only considered legal if you have given permission to be called. Fiallo Law will aggressively go after anybody who is violating your rights and seek the monetary damages you may be owed.

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In the meanwhile, you can follow these simple tips to help your case move quickly:

  • Keep track of the robocalls made to your phone
  • Save pre-recorded messages you get on your cell phone
  • Download your phone bills for every month since you’ve been autodialed

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